Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Betting Various (2 ª B and 2 nd)

Party: Osasuna B - Pontevedra
Forecast: Pontevedra
Fee: 2.70
House: Betfair
Quantity: 20 €
Stake: 4
Result: 2-1

Pontevedra crucial part because if they win bids farewell to his chances of promotion. For his part, Osasuna B also need the points to leave the area complicated the classification. I think the sting of Pontevedra before the Mountaineers and was sufficient and should not fail again. 2.70 The fee I believe is totally acceptable as a final for

Pontevedra Match: Athletic B - Ferrol
Forecast: Ferrol
Fee: 4.3
House: Betfair
Amount: 15 €
Stake: 3
Result: 0 -0

Pontevedra If the play to say the Racing de Ferrol ... this morning is one of his last chances to hold on to the category. The draw will is bad, has to win and I think that playing before a branch is clear choices. We pay 4.3 the survival of racing, not bad.

Party: Salamanca - Córdoba
Forecast: Salamanca
Fee: 2.26
House: Betfair
Quantity: 20 €
Stake: 4
Result: 1-0

Jorge D'Alessandro on the bench opens to a Salamanca of its most affordable you can have as the Cordoba is comfortable in mediatabla. I think that is the party Perfect for the Salamanca wakes up and begins to add up to 3 on 3. It must be said that a colleague told me about this game and what was in Salamanca sure they would win this match.


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